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Useful links to other web-sites that provide help / information :- - National Association of Child Contact Centres – help in finding an accredited Contact Centre. - resources for parents & children about divorce& separation - general support for children – search “divorce & separation” - supports one-parent families on a range of issues including legal rights, finances, benefits etc - aimed at fathers with information on legal rights etc - “Families Need Fathers” have a helpline (0300 0300 363) open 7am – midnight . 7 days a week. - National Family Mediation (helpline 0300 4000 636) for support & advice on divorce/separation with a list of local mediation services. - free help to arrange a parenting plan - search on "Parenting Plan: Manchester Consultation Service" - Citizens Advice Bureau – advice on most areas relating to divorce / separation - free advice from a lawyer on how you can use the Court process